Not one to be left in the dark, here's my contribution! It's oil on canvas, and I call her Marina Ezmeralda Cortez. Truth be told, it started out as a portrait of Mila Jovovich--which was awful--and turned into this, which I don't mind nearly as much! Haha, I'll dare say I even like it a bit. So! That said, give me some crits, I know the eyes are a bit off; struggled with that a bit, and I feel like there's more I could do to make her more...structurally sound, so anything would help!

Thank y'much


Mike Puncekar said...

WHOA. Awesome brushwork in the hair, that is awesome. I'm always amazed by minimal brushstroke work working and adding a lot. One of the reason I like that freak (read that in the nicest way) john singer sargent.

The main thing i see here is the same problem I have. Your thinking in predetermined symbolized ways to draw. People especially, you have to throw all that out the window and think ONLY about color and how light is about to hit planes on the surfaces of the face. Think of the eyes in parts and they will come together in no time. Of course, like me, you'll probably over think it and then have to edit. But once you get it you'll spot your own mistakes much much quicker and in the end paint faster with better results. So in a round about way I guess I'm saying that the drawing actually isn't that bad, it's just when you went in with color you didn't follow the forms of the face, and ended up creating a very flat woman. Oh, and don't be afraid to go in with some darker colors, with that dark of a background you'll need it as the colors react.... I'll shup.

Jake Murray said...

Hey Patrick. I have to agree with Mike in saying that the brushwork in the hair is especially nice. Mike pretty much hit the nail on the head with everything too. It's easy to get tripped up in presupposed concepts when you're drawing or painting. One very clear example of this that I see in your painting here is with the woman's left eye (our left). Any drawing or shaping issues aside, you have an eye that sits on the shadowed side of a face and you've painted the white of it, well...white. As dark as the face is on that side, there just isn't any way that that eye could be so white. Paying attention to things like that and trusting your eyes more than your brain (not saying anything about YOUR brain specifically here. :P) will help not only solve drawing issues, but color issues as well. Anyway, thanks for posting and keep it up!

Patrick said...

Thank y'much folks! Appreciate both the comments and the crits. I'm glad y'all liked the work in the hair, it's something that I'd like to look into more, I've always been a fan of brushstrokes, so I'm glad it turned out.

I'll certanly agree with both of you about the things to edit, darker shadows, more form, and fixing the lighter eye (kinda kicking myself for that one--really amateur mistake); all things that I'll definitely go back into and tweak.

Again, thanks for the input! :D

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