Dexter and I am Legend Cover

So it's only fair after prodding everyone to post that I post something myself. 

The first one here is my Dexter Characature for humorous illustration. I did a really quick edit and pushed the background back a tiny bit more so it wouldn't be as flat. Lemme know what you think, it may be too late to save it, but I wouldn't mind trying.

The second thing here is my I am Legend cover. I'm not crazy about this one, if only for the fact of how far off track I ended up from my color rough. I attempted to stylize the characters, and in all my zooming in and out I lost the moment. All of which were hasty decisions scrawled on 3 hours before class. Both of these didn't get the time and attention I should have given them, so hopefully I can give this next two assignments for the hell day. 

Sorry for the awkward post layout, but I accidently moved the first upload of the book cover and of course blogger deleted the picture html. This was the best I could get it haha.

Hoping to get some scans from my sketchbook up later for some future critique on a possible SOI/AOI piece and general sharing. No guarantees, I should be working on my comicbook stuff.


Anonymous said...

i know what you mean about losing yourself while doing all the zoom ins and zoom outs. Overall i think your cover isn't too bad, i think the fence was white the first time right? i can't quite remember, but either way i think the black worked out a lot better. my favorite part is still the type, it reads well and definitely helps keep your eye on the middle figures where the detail is more apparent than around the center.

as for your other piece, if it's for humorous illustration then it definitely qualifies for dark humor. I love the tomato splatters, very nice technique there. I'm not sure what your ideas for color were but I'd really like to see something else in there...a purple maybe? idk keep working on it :)

PhiL the Zombie said...

I dont know why your so down the book cover, i think its some of your best work to date. The design is excellent, as usual, with the the way it boxes in the figures, and the contrast of simple graphic shapes next to messy gestural and textural painting is really a nice touch. I'm glad you listened to me and got rid of that white at the bottom. The woman vampire is still too melancholy. the other three are so expressive and shes just sort of sitting there.

As for your caricature, (my time to be harsh) you got the hair and eyes right, but i think the jaw is way off, i think it comes too far foward id have to see your ref before i pass a final judgment though

the perspective is a little off in some paces of the environment, like the counter top and the cabinets underneath, which is prolly fine cuz its a side note of the whole picture and it goes with the style

the color though... too much red man. the tomatoes are fine. the problem is all the warm colors in the rest of the piece, the "blood" would pop much more if you had some contrast, i think you need more cools and neutrals throughout to separate from the red of the tomatoes.

im not crazy about the overall design, seems kinda stagnant compared to most of your work, i look at it and im just desperate for some movement

i dont know if you can save this one, but thats just my oppinion, you know i like most of your stuff, dont take it too hard

so there, that was enough being an asshole for one day

Mike Puncekar said...

Thanks guys.

So I guess it's confessional time. This is the color tweak of dexter. You guys are making me think I should of put up the one before tweak. Actually, once I finish up this hellish comicbook perspective experiment, I'll post it. It's all purples and blues. I changed it right before the printer to yellow since the DX printer likes to go pinkish, but I over did it. I have a regular print, but I asked eric and he liked the yellow one because he said the blood didn't stick out so much haha. I was so split on it, I jsut went with his decision. The second confession explains the awkward perspective, drawing, and dissapointment as a whole. So I did my pencil rough, at the time in maybe a half hour without any reference at all... dexter and all. I did one study and pooped it out. Since I was going to do darth vader, and at the last minute changed. So I took that line and scanned it in to draw over it. Buuuuut... I didn't. Every line you see there is my rough. It's really just a rough all dooded up with photoshop tricks and a minimal amount of painting. So this is the first and only attempt at it, and in a quick manner. Even some tomatoes are clone brushed. Not to say I didn't spend time coloring it and finishing this one. But I entirely agree on it being damn near impossible to save, and it's just a bad base. Although after finishing it I really did like it.

I don't personally care for the I Am Legend piece simply because it took so long to start... plowed along slowly... Other than the main character, half of the leaping guy, and the majority of the lady, it was all completed in the 3 hour span i skipped history of cinema that day. Compared to my other stuff previously.. yeah it's alot more finished, which is sad, but the night before this assignment was due I wanted to start over so damn bad, alas it was too late.

I may try to save the I Am Legend piece, but I totally get what you guys are saying about dexter especially.

I guess it's awkward to even post these when I don't care for them myself, and I still prefer my sketchbook ten times over any of this. But I needed to post, it was about time. I can't wait to get some time to get a speed paint out. Alright back to comicbook.

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