Comicbook Class/Me Thanking Mr. Welch.

The first assignment we had for Comicbook was a 2-point perspective interior with 5-6 characters. For this one I went off that old War Pirate concept I had about the modern day pirates that pillage and plunder as war actively rages around them. This is them on their off hours. I took it easy as far as action goes simply because this is the first time I haven't really pooped out a background. I like to skew things and touch perspective inappropriately for the most part, but I must thank Mr. Welch for this one. Still therapeutic to do all the ruler work.

Due to me waiting till the night before to start this it's lacking a lot of the props I wanted in there and Im aware of some of the wonkiness of the mohawk guy. The one day I can't draw people... it's the day I have to do this.

Blog Stuff: Just sent out some invites to those that wanted in, and still have some to send out (shy and coey- I lose your e-mails immediately after finding them) but should be all sorted out soon. Also, increased posting! Woohoo. So nice to see some new people posting. Lastly, should be updating a few points on the FAQ soon since some of it's out of date. Also erasing the comments on it, so it's open for people to ask questions right on there.

Not so Blog Stuff... Interested in seeing if anyone wanted to go to Mid-Ohio Con this weekend. 15 bucks to get in from what I hear. I live pretty close, and could probably afford some people carpooling and then walking from my place to save 5 bucks. Maybe a 15 minute walk. I have tons of work to do with all of the 6 illustrations yet to be done for next thursday, but it's annual and I feel the need to go.


Alex Lyon said...

Hey nice work Mike. I think maybe you should take your time on backgrounds more offten this is really lookin good. I would have to say that my favorite part of the entire comp is th guy coming down the stairs. It really has the most natural feel of any of them. And the post over his right shoulder just flows really well. As for the guy in the up most forground. I get the wonkyness, it's that damn torso. Not that I don't think you can fix that so I will leave the nit/pick stuff alone for now.

Dude Mid Ohio??? I would love to go to that. Now if I can is another story all together. Keep me posted on your plans and I will let you know. That would be good fun. I've never gotten to go to one before.

Mike Puncekar said...

The guy coming down the stairs is still my favorite as well. I did the gesture for it on my rough, sat back in my chair and was just like "whoa wait, what did I just do..."

It's goes on saturday and sunday, I figured more on saturday, since sunday i really gotta do some serious work. Styles and concepts and humorous are not the best of friends to go hand in hand. Luckily comic book is out of the way.

Alex Lyon said...

sounds good, i will stay in touch. and for the record McKissick pointed out that you spelled Mr. Welch's name wrong...lol

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have to say, when you explained the concept in class I really wanted to see more of the ideas you had. Modern Day pirates pillaging war zone villages sounds pretty effin awesome. the guy coming down the steps is my favorite as well, he fits so naturally. anywho, i still bow down to your line work, it's always fun to look at!

PhiL the Zombie said...

lookin good mike, a few spatial issues i see though... something about the man with his back turned and the woman that isnt sitting right for me, they seem too close together for the amount of space you have made with the stairs. the environment is pretty rockin, I think your good on that, who knew welch knew something that we'd actually be using lol.

The a fore mentioned problem doesnt bother me as much as the guy up front, either his torso is too large, or his arm too short, actually i think its both. keep chuggin along, im sure it will look awesome with your painting style, maybe that will help with some of the things im seeing, you always seem to make things work out in the end.

Kev said...

Marko Djurjevic is a pirate? Strange. This is great man. You added a real sense of depth to the characters and how they're positioned in space. Again, the guy descending the staircase just works. Not sure if you mentioned this but I'd love to see this thing painted. Although I'm worried if the colors were too crazy it might throw off the balance and flow the piece has. Honestly I think thats my favorite part. So much to look at in this.

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