Damn its cold out here Bob

I felt guilty only having one thing up here and was in the mood for some speed painting last night. I'm definitely not finished but I think I've got everything down. I might add some more workers and lights or another building in the distance. I'd also like to add some more light sources and take the focus off of the man in red. Comments? Haven't done much speedpainting before so if you guys have any hints or tips I'm all ears. Its definitely a fun process and I'd like to do a couple more speeds in this setting.

[Update] I changed it up a bit

Oh, and thanks for reading up on the Orphan Works Act guys. Just wanted to keep you all informed on whats going on.


Mike Puncekar said...

Looking good man, has a really nice mood. How quick did you churn it out? I see alot of tricks and stuff, but not all that many haha.

Kev said...

I remember being awake til 5 last night but I can't remember when I started. so around the two hours mark? When you say tricks... whaddya mean? Any suggestions?

Mike Puncekar said...

Just the normal timesavers is what I'm talking about, opacity stuff, some masks, not quite sure how you did the light.

I really don't have any suggestions for a speedpainting. Value is nice, like the composition, good design. Any piece can be nit picked, but I don't think this one deserves it. It immediatlely made me think of that scene in 30 days of night where they ambush the man outside his little trailer.

If I HAD to crit something, I;d say the secondary figure gets lost, but I enjoy the isolation entirely, and with that I think it makes a better story and illustration as a result. So in my opinion, take the other guy out haha. You could fade the backgroud to a tiny bit more of a grey or other color and play with some silhouettes but there isn't any real need for it.

Alex Lyon said...

Holy Shit! There is a second figure! I didn't even know until just now. I do have a bit to say even though it may very well be things you already know. The only real thing that keeps getting under my skin is how much the guy in red stands out. It's that tone of the red, I think it just needs to be toned back a tad. Aside from that I thought the snow got a tad to blurry.

So with that being said. It is a pretty good pieces and a solid speed paint. Now all you need to do is POST MORE.

And I agree with Mike, I totally get the 30 Days of Night vibe.

Kev said...

Idea for the next Suggested Theme... When you see it.... you will shit bricks... That'd be fun

Brandon said...

I get an Alien Vs. Predator 1 Vibe. Am I really that big of a nerd?

Alex Lyon said...

I think the update is really a big step forward. Looks a lot better. The only thing that I think is feeling a bit funny is that the snow is starting to form what looks like a frame around the shot. That is my only crit on the update. Kudos.

Eric Alessandrini said...

i agree w/ mike. it reminds me of 30 days of night immediately. even the composition is a lot of fun to follow.

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