Dreams in the Witch House

I made this sketch from an awesome HP Lovecraft story.   This is inside a guys bedroom.  In the corner there is a triangular section of the wall that creates a kind of compartment, which I don't think is very readable. The tall black character is supposed to be Nyarlothotep and he just appeared out of the triangular compartment which is made up of angles that lead to another dimension.  The witch is his servant and the little rat thing is a spirit called Brown Jenkin he is supposed to have a human head and four human hands for feet.  in this scene the guy in the foreground is being forced to sacrifice the child on the witch's Sabbath. tell me what you guys think.


Alex Lyon said...

Over all I am really liking it. I think the tallest creature is really working well especially in relation to the values making up the walls. Although they are looking a bit streaky I do enjoy the softness of the edges. That goes for the piece as a whole.

The two things that I think could use some tweaking aren't to major... The first is that I would like to see the rat a bit more defined. with such a strange description I was kinda disappointed that he was more or less just fuzzy with no defining features. The other thing is that the clothing on the man is so simplified that he has kind of lost the look of a kneeling man. I think his size and pose being toyed with a bit would help push this to being a more finished composition. Aside from those things I think maybe a wallpaper pattern could be fun to do somewhat faded, or maybe some molding, could help to date the setting better with the time period of Lovecraft. I like where is is going though. Great vibe your creating too. It really fits.

Mike Puncekar said...

I have no idea about the story elements, never read him, even though I've been told so many times to. Always like your stuff, never seen you draw quite like this, but I like the quirkiness of it a ton. The large black figure really steals the show.

Bernadette said...

I never thought of putting wallpaper thats a really good idea. I think I might turn it into a painting.
thanks for inviting me to be on the blog, Mike. I think it will help me a lot to work on stuff just for fun, which is something I don't do enough. I need way more practice!

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