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I'm really just looking for feed back of any sort, and I figured I'd just inch my way in to this here blog. I'm doing this deal in professional practice to take a kids book and transform it into a hypothetical animated film, you know, Pixar or Dreamworks-esque. eventually i would love to do concept art for such films. since this is my baby though, i think i'm going to use "danny and the dinosaur." it lends itself to lots of potential environments, but limited character designs, which will keep the entire project a little more focused. the original illustrations arent much to admire, which helps my case in developing something (hopefully) refreshing.

I did not know if anyone is familiar with the story, but I've just done a few basic sketches of some "scenes." they're not much right now, at the start, but have at 'em.


Alex Lyon said...

From what your saying that sounds like a good idea so far. Though a bit vague, all three of the comps have good compositions. I think my only crit this early would be to see some sort of tree or another building in the foreground of the bottom comp. There is just something about the angle and neg. Space that makes me a bit uncomfortable.

Mike Puncekar said...

These are some cool studies. The lighting and values look pretty on. If I had any suggestions it would be to crop some things. Like the second one with the kid, if the comp was tighter I think it would make that scene alot more dramatic. Maybe pivot the viewpoint so the camera was more behind the kid looking over his shoulder, and really fill the page with the dinosaur.

I mean, to make this really interesting it looks like you just have to make this dinosaur look big.

I don't know anything about the story though, so I can't really comment on that. Definitely looking good though.

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