These are from a story I thought of, about  a vampire demon god that is trapped inside of a bridge.  It kills people that walk under the bridge and some other stuff.  


Mike Puncekar said...

That is an awesome take on vampires. I'm so stuck on the human form with sharp teeth personally. Really awesome to see this.

First one is neat, but the style of it doesn't appeal to me like the second one. THe second sketch is awesome, and I may just get a print of it to hang up on my wall. Really get an awesome vibe for how they move, and their persona. It's just a really really well done sketch. So awesome how it has the mouths all over it's body. They ghost like design... I'm in love with it.

Bernadette said...

I'm so glad you like it, i think i might do an illustration with one of them. i'm going to try and figure out the first one better. i was meaning for it to look kind of like an angler fish.

PhiL the Zombie said...

sounds like a really cool story, id love to here more, vampires as more of an ethereal form, nice

i think the sketch on the right is the one to explore

im not feeling the one on the left

looks too much like a jim henson muppet

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