Another Envirodoodle

Yup. Another environment for Tardino. This is for the very first scene of the story. It's actually sort of fun the way my screenwriting script and my illustrative drawing project have been playing off each other because this whole scene was not something I had envisioned for the story until I actually started writing the screenplay. Anyway, this is just moments before the carriage gets hijacked. Trying basically to just give the sense that it's speeding through the woods.


Alex Lyon said...

This is a really great piece Jake. Kudos an the speeding forest/jungle. My ONLY suggestion would be to add a bit more to the carriage the underside in particular. That may be just my opinion. But either way sweet effect.

Dave Armstrong said...

is something pulling the carriage...because I'm not really reading anything in front of it? I see the brown markings down by the right tire, but I don't know as though that represents an animal. Maybe that's explained in the story, and if so this whole comment can just be ignored.

Other than that, I think this raises the typical feelings of resentment that quality Jake pieces always create. I get a solid feel of movement through the greenery.

you always manage to amaze me.

Jerk-Face said...

Jake i'm not going to blow you like everyone else lol, where the F are the apple bottom horses. Other then that it's looking good.

Mike Puncekar said...

Definitely needs some horses man. Although I could understand how tempting it would be to kind of doodle them in, as horses are a pain in the ass to draw. I do like the stuff going up top there. Not really sure how you do the things you do... but keep on doing those things you do.

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