The first thing up here is a quick watercolor with some minor PS tweaking on a face I came up with while thinking of some of the Cannabis works. Like I said in Styles and Concepts, I want to put it into a larger piece.

The second is on the theme death, not sure what exactly I was trying to say, I just wanted it to be visual. It's unclear due to the size and some difficulty trying to matte off the watercolor but the red splatter is blood and she has a bullet hole in her forehead. I want to go in and draw lines for her blood soaked hair so it is not confused with the blood. I also want to try it in larger format just for shits and giggles.

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Mike Puncekar said...

Really like some of the colors you are throwing around here with the white. The first one, I'm not as crazy about as far as a piece goes standing on it's own, but i do like the thin line quality you are going for alot.

The second one is pretty awesome. The big splash of color really sells it. Just plain interesting to look at. Appreciate the splash work up top as well.

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