Fall dump

Here are a few commercial fig drawings in ink, the digital illustration logo project, and an acrylic technique study.


Bernadette said...

i love your self portrait. your figure drawings are very nice , i really liked that class.

Alex Lyon said...

I will agree that your drawings are looking really good. But that giant eagle logo...sweet god I need it on a t-shirt. haha. I know Pattie will agree with me.

Jake Murray said...

I just have one question about the Giant Eagle logo. Is that supposed to be a "P" at the front of the second word? Is is Porporate or Corporate? Anyway, looking pretty good, man.

Dave Armstrong said...

dear jake,
i actually wondered about the p so much that i googled porporate and learned that it means "purple clad."
Either way i hope to see the eagle as a giant banner somewhere.

I also love the look of the portrait

Mike Puncekar said...

I could see king really loving those studies.

The self portrait is looking really good too. All ink wash and acrylic? I think it's my favorite out of these.

Been awhile since I've wanted to draw some soviet stuff. Maybe it'll be the next theme.

shysuiko said...

the acrylic study's really nice. is it something you've worked with for a while or new to it?

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