New Theme: Soviet/Snow

Now that we have had our first "snow" in Columbus I think we needed a nice topic to fit that. Also, this is about the time everyone goes crazy russian, so it's a double topic. Here's looking to the few and brave that open the windows in the middle of the winter and blast the theme from "The Hunt for The Red October".

It just seemed like the other theme had run it's course, and to be honest, I got really sick of that picture of the skulls. But I'm expecting some cool stuff from this one. Especially since I know some of you will finally have some time to do some stuff over Thanksgiving break. I for one, will actually be participating in this one, since while the last one was right up my alley, I somehow missed it. For the next theme after this I have to put up a Christmas one. Have to. But it'll be short lived. For the month of break I am going to change it weekly.

For any new faces, or new readers heres just a reminder of what the heck these themes are: These are merely suggestions for the brain stuck. They are by no means what you have to post on here. Just something to unify some thought and have some fun. 

Nothing new going on with the board, other than I keep getting new people, teachers, and students coming up to me or posting about it. So the place is growing. I'm so proud. Gonna be sending out a few more invites soon once I get all organized again. I'm really terrible about sending these things out.

One more reminder, if you are sitting out there on your computer, but are not a member of the board... you can still comment. It's entirely open. Even anonymous posting should be enabled. So lend some words and we'll lend an ear.

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