Finished Comicbook Page

So one more assignment that I spent too little time on, but in the end I'm somewhat satisfied with. 

Nothing seems to really be happening with the topic lately, so expect it to change soon. Something on the happier side of things.

Edit: Added my SOI color comp for humorous illustration. Going to be completed in acrylic, with some oil on top of that on gesso'd masonite. Final size will be 24x36 inches. I'm doing it so big, just because all of those painting back there need to be readable. They tell the tale of all the victims, of this mob boss. Lots of changes coming to it. But I figure I'll post progress anyway, for you, and myself. Changes coming, punched up color, patterning on jacket, objects on table (Knives, guns, bullets, money), diverse picture frames. For example I want one to be a ornate gold frame, with a picture of a man being pushed out of a skyscraper window.


Bernadette said...

this looks really sweet, i think the layout reads so clearly. im just wondering what the story is. i love the
how you ade the stairs. You have inspired me to take comic book ill.

Coey said...

I love your story- I wish you'd write it out even if you dotn plan on drawing more than the two or three pages :D love your style. n last panel's my fav

Mike Puncekar said...

I actually have the majority of the sotry written out, just not adapted to comicbook, as it was going to be an illustrated four part short story. This assignment was just a test to see if I'd want to adapt it to comic book instead. The only thing keeping me from moving forward with it though, is I have no solid beginning or end. But I had plans to put other short stories inbetween the parts. And those I have figured out beginning to end.

Anonymous said...

I think the whole idea of this mobster boss with these portraits of the people he scratched off is awesome. I'm thinking maybe he should look even more smug and sinister, right now he looks pompous and annoyed but maybe i'm reading it wrong.

As for the comic I have no disputes, It's awesome although maybe you could add a little more detail in the last panel's background. but i only thought that AFTER Smith said you had planned on putting more in there haha.

Jerk-Face said...

loving the high contrast!

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