Making School Work FUN!

...or trying to at least so that I dont kick someones' ass over which type of pencil I'm using.

Comic class: working on our pages due. page 1 due tomorrow. 3 pages total. I'm shooting to get 6 or 7 done by the end of the semester. hopefully print a small book n sell it at the student show. we'll see x___x

Blue Elephant: sketch for painting class. I hate oils. sooo hopefully I wont fuck it up. its 18x36in X____X color pencil.


shysuiko said...


well, i like the fish :B

Mike Puncekar said...

damn. I feel so behind right now! I just started my first panel on the final page at about 9.... Looks pretty awesome though. They gonna go greyscale when you turn them in?

Loving the blue pencil too. So much fun to look at.

Coey said...

its okay mike- I just work fast . insane fast. x__x n tis gunna be color or well how all of these ar ea blue brown 'color' but the rest are probably going to be bnw for his copies. god I hate that man. more than I should

Alex Lyon said...

I say the comicbook pages are starting to look pretty good. Im not sure what yoru plan is for all that white space in the layout of the second page, does the face mean its going? haha. that is my only real complaint with them. That gap of white is just SO distracting when i go through that page.

As for the Blue Elephant...I LOVE IT. although the head of the elephant looks a bit small, But that could just be me. if this makes it to full color i would love to see it.

Mike Puncekar said...

I just realized you are doing a 18x36 you said. I just started a 24x36 I'll be posting here soon myself. Looks like we are in the same boat.

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