Black and white

Hey guys it's been along time since i have posted, so here are some pen and ink drawings that i have been doing.  One is a portrait of quinn and the other some of you saw in humerous is a scarecrow.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks


Dave Armstrong said...

I still really like the feel of burlap on the scarecrow's face and the Ralph Steadman drunk bubbles.

and I'm always glad to see Quinn as "the diddler" one more time.

Dave Armstrong said...

Now that I look at it, I'm starting to think the sky and corn need more separation...

maybe a darker sky would help that piece out?

oh and now you have two comments. HOW POPULAR ARE YOU?!?!

Mike Puncekar said...

Q...Qu.... Quinn? The Diddler? Whut.

Scarecrow piece was one of my favorite up on the rail a few days ago. Talk about detail and work. Yikes.

PhiL the Zombie said...

WHAT? QUINN!? well ok then, thought it was the joker,

anyway, im REALLY diggin these. the line work is excellent and the way you handled the lighting is excellent in the portrait, I especially like the blinds in the back

I cant view the scarecrow one, but from what i remember from class it was nice. I dont get the bubbles but I guess thats my only complaint

Alex Lyon said...

Though I think the are both really good pieces I think the "joker"?? could really use some stronger highlights on the face. For being a portrait he falls WAY back in space from value. I probably wouldn't have noticed this if I hadn't seen it as a thumbnail first. The scarecrow was one of my favorites in class too. the only thing i felt was that the background got to busy the only reason the figure stood out to me was because the outline around his silhouette. Love the detail though, its a pain in the ass to balance that kinda thing.

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