Son of the Mob

Well hi. This is David Hovey, and seeing as I am new here I suppose a quick contribution is due. I'd love some feedback on this cover I did for the book, "Son of the Mob." Here it is with and sans typography. Mind you, one pic is better than the other, that will be remedied!!


shysuiko said...

lovely painting. only thing that's a bit distracting for me is the light on the kid's left shoulder takes away form his face some. i think if you were to tone it down juuuust a hair might help some. but even with it as bright as it is, it's still a solid piece

Mike Puncekar said...

Hey man, good to see you here.

Looks pretty great. loving the old school feel of it, from the type to the colors, to the composition.

If I had to nitpick I'd pick on the geometric shape of the shoulders. I liked it at first glance, but the kid is so organic and unstylised I wouldn't mind seeing some funner shaping in there. Although you do get a forboading feeling looking at it with that shape, since it frames the kid so much, paired with the white on the shoulder, he becomes a very strong focus. Which I'm guessing was your intention.

Anyway, looks awesome. You have a website or anything?

Alex Lyon said...

Welcome to Oondu! It's great to see you on here. Your piece is a nice first post. As far as my two cents goes...the kid looks great, though he is pretty bright I think it may just be the photo. What I would like to see is maybe have the sides of the mobsters "shape" bow out instead of in. With his shoulders being so wide his arms would come out more, I mean I figure your trying to make him a more graphic shape it feels a bit funny with everything else being such a slight stylization. The other thing is that the mobsters hat looks a bit to small. I always have a hard time fitting a fedora correctly on someones head. Thankfully that need doesn't come up very often haha.

BUT like Mike said this is all just nitpicking at this point. It's looking great. Get a clean shot up! Kudos.

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