shy's not dead

yeah-- so--
i've been pretty much unproductive. >_____>
between tired and being [cough]discouraged[cough], i've been drawing two lines on a pic, then putting it away for a week.

this one i've been looking at and doing nothing on. =___=;; i'm afraid to touch it, cuz i like it. don't wanna fuck it up.

this one-- i'm at a loss of what to do-- i wanna put arrows in her back and have drizzling blood, but to 'finalize' it-- eh, donno. kinda want to make the blood bright fuck-off red but i don't know how to make it into a full final? /making no sense.

WiP for fairytales class. doing a full-blown illust for it cuz i like it aaaand was an excuse for shy to draw gore. :D
50% done? maybe 40%? [shrugg]

lastly-- something i did for comic class while back. 'nother excuse to do personal work for a grade. didn't like how it came out so still working on it. noooo where near finished.

mmmmmyeah. BAI.


Miles said...

Do you actually thumb out your compositions before going in and rendering them? Because if you do, it isn't obvious, however nice the rendering turns out.

All of these seem to suffer from some minor compositional roadblocks that may the cause of some of your frustration. I suggest retooling them so they look a little more balanced and dynamic. For example, the last drawing feels a little left-heavy and the bodies feel kind of tossed in just for the fuck of it. Maybe redo the scene from another angle, put more objects in the background or reposition some of them?

The second one is really nice, though. I'd like to see it colored.

shysuiko said...

the last one [the dancehall one] is just a mess at the moment-- i'm redoing all the elements, one at a time, then piecing them together in photoshop. the background was never even finished for class, and it's the last thing i'm going to tackle to finalize and add all the objects that were meant to be there-- the benches and wheelchairs. so it's all just miss-match at the moment.

i don't bother with thumbnails; the composition's in my head and is never 'there' until the end. i work in pieces so, for example, the figure drawing here is going to be part of a larger illustration [or i want it to be], but i work so that the figure is on one sheet of paper, the arrows and blood on another, then the background on a third. combine them in photoshop and that's the end result, though that pieces themselves never look compositionally correct. x_____x but working like this lest me focus in the specific parts and give me the freedom to fuck arround with anything i need to to fix the individual pieces without fear of messing everything else up.

Mike Puncekar said...

The one in the chair is looking seriously awesome. Please tell me that is on it's way to a really nice finish.

Before you hopefully go too much further, his arms are doing some weird things with sizes there. On the left arm the upper arm is really long, while as the other arm almost feels like it got the shaft. Seriously though, maaaybe my favorite thing from you. Lots to choose from really, but I'd love to know the fairytale connection if you don't mind.

The figure drawing really sticks out too. It's hard not to admire the precision of those lines.

shysuiko said...


yeah, the arms are a little fucked up but i like them individually so i think i'll just use the excuse that he's being maimed... or something.

in fairytales class-- we had to do a group project, and our group leaders got a little over zealous and decided to write a story incorporating a whole lot of different symbols and elements of traditional fairytales. the duke is a bluebeard type of character that collects and hoards magical objects and beings. that's how he gets ahold of the main character; she's a selkie.

it ends with her finding him about to eat dinner while wearing her seal skin so she starts to rip it off him with assorted cutlery.


it's still not finished but i'll probably post it here when i do cuz i do quite like it myself =w=

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