The Don... is not pleased. Updated.

Edit: My buddy came over and took a photo for me. This is what is going to print more or less for class. It's a bit saturated, but a much closer representation to what I have in real life.

The don... is not finished. But finished to the point of being able to visit Mr. Boley, and persuading him. If you know what I mean.

And not in the sexy sort of way. 

I'd say the face is the only thing really on it's way. Literally everything else is very WIP. Oh, it's all acrylics thus far. Again no ref. So don't pick on the hands too much. I will indeed be shooting reference. Gonna use my dads hands. But he's three hours away.


Alex Lyon said...

So far so good my friend. Truthfully the hands aren't really standing out to me. What is, is that blank light wall consuming my attention. Do...something. Aside from that and the obvious random tightening I think it has come out pretty solid. It certainly was an ambitious piece. Working on that scale that is. Kudos.

PhiL the Zombie said...

im likeing it so far

i know you talked about the pictures in the background, so maybe make them more readable

also, the red of the desk is a little intense for mahogany it thats what you were going for, maybe puts some orange into it to make it look more like wood

Bernadette said...

looking pretty good i think his arms should be less puffy
what is WIP?

Rachel said...

WIP = work in progress

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