Mermaids at Seaworld!

Finally got my Humorous piece finished. I know there are several things I need to work on still but due to deadlines... ill be lucky if I can get to both this and the fixes needed for my Aztec piece. BUT that doesn't mean you can't point out everything wrong. After all what else is this damn blog for?

The blog is for awesome times. Fun times. Anything that falls between those two. I would estimate the awesomeness of this board somewhere between Gisele Bundchen and the sun. And yes... I can edit posts. -Mike

By the way I realize its not a very funny illustration.


Mike Puncekar said...

I like it man. I like how dominant the blue is and how her hair stands out. Without that she would be completely lost.

The only thing bugging me about it is some of the awkward anatomy. Namely the huge upper arm of the man. I wouldn't mind seeing some hazy bloom lighting thrown in either. Just nab a brush on a new layer, and add glow to the layer that is very diffused and paint with it.

Don't abandon it.

Alex Lyon said...

Will do. And nice edit by the way... didn't see that coming haha.

PhiL the Zombie said...

I really like the whole feel of it and you got a lot of nice things going on

i would say that the face could be more feminine, i think its the eye position or the pronounced jaw, i think just some softening would take care of it

also, i dont know if it was intended but her ribs look more like slits or cuts, but maybe those are her gills or something

Eric Alessandrini said...

It's looking good. I do keep looking directly at the text/logo on his shirt though. You might want to dull it down a bit. This is completely unrelated to the design of it, but it might be nice to give her a second row of gills just so they read perfectly like gills.

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