hrrmmggg. art funk retardation HELP :D

sooo i've been in this majour art-funk-rut-RETARDATION for like 6 months now, so been having issues with just about every project-- personal and otherwise. x_____x HERE'S A SHINING EXAMPLE!! :D

i don't think it's 'finished' but coey keeps yelling at me that it's fine. might be that i've been so enamoured and emersed in detail background/scenery for so long that i can't look at anything simple i make and feel it's 'finalized'. regardless, thought i'd ask--

any suggestions?


PhiL the Zombie said...

I like it alot, i would have to agree with coey that your crazy

if you WANT me to find things wrong with it, i guess i would say that the arrows in her back are all in about the same location, but look like the a bunch of different sizes

other than that, i enjoy the look a bunch

Alex Lyon said...

I have a suggestion!

Give me a print.

Mike Puncekar said...

I could suggest some added detail or something, but it's just nice as it is. If you prodding me long enough with something pointy, I would say add highlights. But i like the look it has.

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