Roughly Finished Knight

Quick Edit: A speedie I did as a warm-up for today, before I get painting. Started it last night when I couldn't sleep, added highlights and a few more scribbles today.

Finished it up as much as I will for class. Getting this to print halfway correctly will require an act of god. Lot of things I wish I could do, fix and work on, but I have to crank out another painting tommorrow and tonight I have to get some more LA class stuff done. Figured I would just throw it up on here. 

All photoshop from start to finish. No ref.


PhiL the Zombie said...

Lookin good mike, the whole feel of the illustration is rockin and I enjoy the spirits of both the guy and the evil one, i especially like how you made them feminine

Im also glad to see that all that darkness from the one in class was probebly just a DX print problem, do yourself a favor and stop into kinkos downtown, there colors always come out pretty true when I go, or at least the library at the school, both are pretty good

You might not care to go back in and work on things, but the sword at the bottom looks bent, i think its just the blade and the hilt dont line up, prolly a quick fix

also, i dont know if you intended it to be a half and half compostition or not, but its half white and half black, my opinion would be that Id like to see the white extened up further and less black, i think its because the black is so intesne with out as much nice suttle things in it like the white, that Im drawn to that area first and almost miss all the great things youve got going on in the middle

and I think if im right that it would be a shame because youve got a chance for a really amazing piece here, if im wrong, its still a really great piece too,

Mike Puncekar said...

Thanks man, I have quite a bit of texture up there on top, I'll have to adjust it more. I keep forgetting my moniter is abnormally bright.

Bernadette said...

this looks lovely
the only thing that i would suggest is to have some difference in the spirits arms. i think you could have the long arm on the right stretched out straight with a different hand position.
no ref? you kill me

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