I have returned

Its funny how that suggested theme over there gets in my head without me really knowing it, I didnt have any intention of making something for it, but it just hit me so I decided to throw my hat in the ring, let me know what you guys think

the other one is a final for humorous, im gona say that its done unless you guys convince me other wise, and yes i know that its late for a halloween pic

anyway i hope you guys like this stuff and give me lots of good comments and such - peace-


Mike Puncekar said...

Theme applies extra today. This first snow. Always brings the hot chocolate cravings and snow movies. I'm thinking Fargo and Christmas Vacation.

Liking the first one. The features on her face are looking a bit too small, but the concept and design are there, man. She strikes me as a medic, which I like, casue medics are awesome. Have to add the Bostogne ep from Band of Brothers to my movie list.

Nice pose on the halloween pic. It has it's quirks, but that's a hard pose to hit. It carries the energy of that swipe though, which is really what carries it. If any thing really bothers me about it, I'd have to say the line quality needs some polish. If you keep those black lines, those things have to be perfect unless you are going for a grunge style. I think some more attention to linework in genera could really push your stuff up to another level. SOme more exagerated larger line widths in the front of things, thinner as you go back, and some play with how lines stretch as they travel around things. It'll make your work look alot more professional. On the chainsaw for instance, the line work there is the weakest. I do think it's one of your better things though. That motion at that instant is great.

PhiL the Zombie said...

I totally agree one the lines mike, lines are the thing I have the most trouble with right now, coey gave me a piece of advice to use ball point pen on my pencils before i scan them,

also, i was wondering if her features in the soviet pic were too small or not cuz i noticed that too, ive been trying to dial back the largeness of my eyes, i agree that they are but i think it gives it a look that i like, but maybe thats a bad thing

thanks for the kind words too

Anonymous said...

I feel that her face is too small for her build her breasts make the rest of her body look smaller. the left breast looks It also looks like she has a man part in that nether region possibly a cup?

PhiL the Zombie said...

AUGH! crap, i was afraid of that, i was trying not to give her a camel toe, i guess i screwed that up

however about the breasts, their size is because of the armor, not her, i wanted her to look small in the bulky armor

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