Japanese Ghosts

EDIT: So, I took a screenshot and the colors are fine it seems. Photoshop is doing something weird with color profiles. For shame.

I've been doing a speedpaint per day of break. Here's three of them I kind of designed to go together. All of them were rather quick, except for the fat man, who I got caught up rendering the face of.  

I have a few other little things, but they are more practices in some more dynamic drawing than anything. These are more, easy concepting, and me going back to my old brushes for a bit.

Sidenote: The colors dulled quite a bit again when blogger got it's teeth on this. Anyone know why? My actual png is fine. Did it my last post too. It's really annoying. I can pull up the png in preview, and hold next to this, and it is noticeably greyer... it's always done it alittle, but now it's really messing with my pictures.


Bernadette said...

These look great really creepy. I think the lady is scariest looking, I always dig your colors. I am taking your advice on my piece, I looked at the Titus ill. it gave me some ideas.

Alvaradolol said...

Excellent paintings.

Did you save for web? I've had this problem before and saving for web fixed it for me.

Mike Puncekar said...

That is what rachel told me too, but saving for web is how I saved the christmas one for here. I think I'll get the real one up later with the screenshot fix. I recently started to work primarily in the RGB 1998 color profile.. so that is probably why.

Thanks for the comments.
Good to hear bernadette. Really, really excited for it.

shysuiko said...

those are speedpaintings?

............ you make me hate myself.


PhiL the Zombie said...

Not much to complain about mike, these are great for concept work.

oh, by the way, the reason things get dulled is because mac's are inferior products =p

looks great on my dell XPS

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