This is my idea for SOI. It is the myth of the Minotaur. I wanted to make it really stylized like Greek pottery and keep with the black and gold color scheme. I think the background should be black with gold figures. The pattern on the top and bottom is supposed to be the heads of some of the Minotaurs victims. I can't ask for a critique yet i'm still just trying to get ideas, if you guys have any suggestions that would be awesome.


Alex Lyon said...

I think one of the best things you could do is get the poses flowing and natural. That's one of the problems I always had with the pottery is that its so stiff. But it wouldn't be to hard to add that level of naturalism and still stay true to the style. I would also suggest a background if that wouldn't mess with the goal. Sooooooo I will suggest lots of variations in the value structure in the background. Something that could pass as the most ideal aging ever found in Greek pottery. haha. I think playing that into the design could really aid you in adding some interest into the surroundings as well as the figures.

Mike Puncekar said...

Really awesome character sketches. I think the idea is really great, but it needs some extra ingredients to capture the judges attention. Whether is like something super simple like zooming in and cropping it with a bit of tilt, or having cracks running through the surface, the real figures underneath. Just some sort of gimmick to sell it. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, you got the style down in the sketches there, I really like those. But that thumbnail... feels so blank and unexciting for someone fighting minotaur that takes heads. So the challenge here will be making something flat, that feels, not flat. Otherwise, I'm not sure if the judges would flip for it. Hell, if you do it too well, they are just going to wonder why this girl is copying greek pottery.

I stared at your sketches for awhile. If you can make this more intriguing, and pull off that style which in my opinion is a bit impressive itself, it'll just be awesome.

When I read about this, I thought of this piece by a former ACAD student, Ed Kwonger (at least I think that is it). YOu can thank the interwebz for this one. http://bp0.blogger.com/_4iz-oDs6fc0/RzEy51Sa5hI/AAAAAAAAACc/k5kKxIdaoNs/s1600-h/TITUS.jpg

PhiL the Zombie said...

i think id prefer a gold background with black figures, they also used red on their pots

i think you could do some cool stuff with horror vacui cuz they used that too

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