Skechbook pro is very nice this is a test to see what it could do


Alex Lyon said...

Personally I love most of the sketches I see from you. So to get to see color on these is just all the sweeter. But I have always been a color kinda guy...Nice creature. and I am diggin the blue radiating off the antlers. I think I would like to see some stronger definition in the edges of the shadows though. The airbrush is a bit much all over.

Bernadette said...

don looks totally rad
i like the color scheme its so... hot
i think i should show it to mylittle brothers and sister and tell tham that its coming to our house

Mike Puncekar said...

haha... Bernadette. awesome.

Looking pretty sweet don. I like all the blurring and brushwork. I really like your style. Never thought reindeers could be cool.

Phong Nguyen said...

you fool! you can do the same in photoshop. Nice deer though. And I agree with Lyon that the airbrush is too all over the place. For your kind of work if you tinker too much digitally you lose the personal touch quality so take it easy on the digital THE DIGITAL aight?

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