Cowboy Carrion

Alright. It's go time. SOI, AOI, whatevs, this baby is there. What do you think?
24"x36" Oil on canvas board.


Margaret Hardy said...

This is a great piece! One thing i noticed however is that you didn't render the pants as far along or as well as the rest of the body, they look kinda flat

Mike Puncekar said...

I agree on the pants, but it really did turn out good. The hands are really painted well. Actually in all your pieces I admire the attention you give to the hands.

PhiL the Zombie said...

I like how youve attempted the transfer of gray colors to overly chromatic in the flesh tones the way phil hale would

David More said...

Thanks! I did go back to the pants (before turning it in to AOI, o'course) and made them much darker. I find the hands as integral to expression as the face at times, glad you like em.

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