Attention AOI submitters!  

-We need a confirmation on the pixel size so you can double submit for SOI. We are now being led to believe it's 500 px on the longest side. So we'll confirm that. And new details will be goin ont he poster that will be resubmitted here.  

-Due to my own stupidity, I miscounted the days and the 29th is a Thursday. Alex Alverado for the save. The poster is all fixed up, finally one hundred percent... double checked and confirmed. The one below is wrong. Ignore it. Again. I am so sorry.  

-Lastly, if you find a straggling old AOI poster with the maroon and yellow colors with the submission date marked as the 23rd let us know, and ignore all information on it. In trying to make this easier for you to double submit for AOI and SOI, things keep getting like a twisted game of telephone for us. So, bare with us. We are still on your side.
What you see on posters, and what teachers tell you next week, that's the good stuff!  

We are gonna work out when we can be in the office to take your submissions, and post it on the door of the office. So if we aren't there, take note of a time. That will be there monday for sure, hopefully tomorrow. -Mike


Phong Nguyen said...

Do you know if Thursday is the last day to submit for SOI as well?

I read that the offical date for SOI is Feb 4 but I imagine you guys would want the submissions in sooner.

Alex Lyon said...

Thursday is when we would like everything to be in. We will be taking things on Friday as well though. After that we won't be taking anymore submissions. We will need the extra time to make sure all files are proper size and Student information is correct before we upload all submissions to the SOI website. King has to have the submissions uploaded by the 4th.

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