i've been super unproductive. been working on things here and there but not finishing anything SO i compiled figure studies.

weird tones = the cost of photography


Mike Puncekar said...

I gotta say I chuckled when I read the header, then saw the stretched out image. I don't know if it looks normal on your screen, but your image looks cracked out on mine. Fine when you open, so it really doesn't matter.

Loving the crosshatching on all the studies. You may be the only person I know that uses a mechanical pencil during a figure drawing class. Use what works, eh?

Kevin Havens said...

Got a nice stack of drawings here. Mechanical pencil? Thats nuts. I think the only thing I'm not diggin' is the woman in the middle under "Figure Post" Her arm looks really wonky. I dunno. Other than that phenomenal

PhiL the Zombie said...

nice stuff as always, im blown away by you line quality

SHYsuiko said...

yeeeaaahh normal pencils make me hate >_____>

ooh that lady's arm was partly covered by the cloth XD i just like the fabric so <3<3 foldddsszzzz

thanks guys

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