Some recent stuff. Digital figure drawing is fun.


Mike Puncekar said...

I'm liking these man. I wish i was in that digital figure painting class. My only complaint, is I would like to see some more dramatic lighting, or if not that, further stylized flats. Either of these could totally push these into what looks like finished pieces territory. They'd all make a great series.

P.S. Doesn't it drive you crazy painting on white? I just can't do that, screws my colors every time.

Kevin Havens said...

Meh, drawing on white doesn't really bother me. I always drop in a big glob of mass tone and work back off of it.

I'd love to finish these up but they were only hour poses. I do recommend the class to everyone though. Its helpful and you get credits.

Alex Lyon said...

I like how these all turned out. Though I would recommend getting more color down to start. Even if it is only a color around the figure it would make them all seem a lot more finished. Good stuff though.

Sorry I didn't get to take a look at them the other night. When you dropped by. lol

PhiL the Zombie said...

these a looking pretty good, I like the expresiveness of the line and the painting. Ive got to go try those syntic's or however the hell you spell it,

Id say that the one of james is good, but the legs seem large

Nick said...

kevin you slut!

i have it on fridays at 3:30 i demand you transfer

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