a little help

Ok, so I had to revamp this gig poster a little bit for entrepreneurial but i think its starting to work, im happy with the design choices and i just need to work out some kinks in the messy letters but if you guys can help me at all that would be great too


Mike Puncekar said...

Well, here's the things that stand-out as off to me. First and foremostest most. The misspelling on "presents" haha. I can tell your brain wasn't there when you did it. Although it kind of sounds like a rapper intro for snoop. The black line cutting across the line of her rib cage. That's about all that needs addressed really. I like the text, House of Blues into San Diego reads weird, but it's really nice otherwise. Had to take a fair bit of time. Nice nice nice. Watch that super round O though on "world". I like the idea of the balloons and the awkward, but cool verticality of it all. If it were me, and I put that much work into the girl, I would make her bigger. She really gets dwarfed here. And while it's neat in a way just how small she appears. Although with no black lining anywhere else I'd color the lines something more akin to the rest of the piece. My one last suggestion, and it really doesn't hurt anything, but is a personal thing. The hearts in the back have that nice rendering on them, but the text ones don't. and the top three all tilt the same way leading your eye off the page if you start at the top.

I've been enjoying your stuff alot lately. Keep this stuff coming man. It's really good so don't let my nit picking get under your skin.

PhiL the Zombie said...

bloody hell, how did i misspell so many things, guess ive been preoccupied with getting this finished, since i had to basically start over,

thanks for all the suggestions, all that stuff you mentioned was stuff that i over looked in my haste

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