The Greedy Witches

This is something I drew for fun for the theme.  I was thinking of the witches from the black cauldron story or maybe the three grey women.  I don't know what she is holding ... a light source I guess. 


Mike Puncekar said...

haha maybe it's a soul? SOULS ARE COOL RIGHT? AMIRITE?

Made me think of the Miorae, the three fates that spin the thread of life when your born, measure your life, then cut the thread to end your life. But maybe that's because it's my favorite greek mythological character/characters. I'm a real sucker for em. Always doodle em. Maybe that will be my next personal project cause I've always screwed it up haha.

I always like the kind of no holds barred drawing you do. it looks carefree. The middle witch is far and away my favorite. Great character there. I feel the need to feed them children.

Alex Lyon said...

are you gonna color this one??? because i would love that. The expressions area great i think the middle character is my favorite as well... she seems to be the most sinister one.

PhiL the Zombie said...

reminds me of those three old hags in the movie Hercules that had to trade on eyeball back and forth

Bernadette said...

thanks guys. I know what you are talking about the ladies that spin the thread and the ladies that have one eye i think they are the same creatures. I always heard them called the grey women. they are wack

Mike Puncekar said...

wack indeed. Think they know everything.

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