haven't been doing much worth showing [yet], but since the new theme's fairytallleessssss sure.
this is a project from 'last semester' i did for comic class. really just an excuse to to something i wanted to and get homework done at the same time. as a result, though, i was picky about it [because i actually cared for once :3] and only got this far. though i donno if i wanna continue/what exactly to do with it. so i guess i'll post it up for target practice.

there's so much i want to go back into to fix and finalize because the comic pages are anywhere near done, but at the same time i don't know if i really find it worth the effort/frustration.

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Mike Puncekar said...

Crazy good stuff as per usual. The Grey Earl is an awesome character name. Might have something to do with my favorite morning tea being Earl Grey.

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