Dont get burned

Alright so this has been in the workshop for a while now and Im finally pretty satisfied with it. Id like to think of this as step one onto something a little more professional down the line. I like the techinique but maybe it could be stylized a little more. I think the girl is pretty cute but maybe she could be cuter. Ive been told that the biggest problem is context. I thought the coppertone girl was a cute idea but what do you all think. let me know.


Mike Puncekar said...

As much as it weirds me out, and as sad as I am for that clearly pants hungry dog, this is some pretty good vector work man. Looks like you went in and caught the anatomy problems of your last post. The palms and the circle feel alittle surf shop t-shirt, but i think it works here, and I'm not entirely sure what else you could have did.

Pretty darn successful punk.

PhiL the Zombie said...

lol, thanks a lot mike, if your calling me names I know im doing something right

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