If I were a clown...I suppose I would drink

I'm screwing around with the colors and lighting on this and would love for a few people to take a fresh set of peepers to it.


Mike Puncekar said...

Wow man. Stealar mood and lighting. Do more like this. Great feel and colors. Loving the halo.

I don't honestly mind any of the lighting. But don't forget the cast shadow of the arm from the halo. And watch that smaller trashcan. It is either really, really tiny... or sunken in the ground as his foot dwarfs it. The other one doesn't bother me, but the handle may be a too close to the edge... but it really doesn't bother me as it really fades back enough to let the clown immediately take all the attention.

Love it.

Alex Lyon said...

Agreed! This turned out great man. It certainly is As fun as you are. You should be alright.

Dave Armstrong said...

Holy poop, i didn't even notice the foot/trash can thing. Thanks for pointing that out. And Alex...i think that was the most flirty compliment i've ever gotten from a man...AND I ACCEPT!

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