Two of my favorite birds I have found.  Painted these for watercolor class.


PhiL the Zombie said...

The colors in the one with the blue cloth are really nice and vivid, that one works really nicely as design. The green one needs a little more color, maybe some darks in it and the lettering seems like its floating a bit, the bird in that one is nice though. overall pretty cool

Alex Lyon said...

The blue cloth looks great. the pattern is really working on the surface. That top bird is really well rendered too. are these dead birds? i mean stuffed?

The bottom bird just doesn't have the depth and character that the top one has.

Mike Puncekar said...

I could easily see a series of these going up in a gallery. Especially letting people know... you found these suckers. It would be that gimmick that would get people into see it. You definitely got the skills to carry the show.

I will say, makes me curious... why choose such light hearted bright colors, when you have something so heavily curtailed in deathly undertones?

I would have never guessed this was the result of a watercolor class, by the way. Great use of technique.

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