Pale Face WIP

Ok, so ive been working on this one for awhile, a lot of back and forth without getting anywhere, This is a big revamp from the train wreck that it was to anyone who saw it, I could use some encouraging words and a bit of help I think before I go back into it, let me know if its something worth pushing further


Bernadette said...

I don't think you should mess with the drawing at all it looks fine. What you need to do is focus the piece on the woman more. She could be more detailed and stand out from the trees. Maybe you could try making the trees lighter and more analogous to the back ground color. also try making the dog bluer or purpler. i think your sky color is very nice and the skin color too I wouldn't change those much. At fist I thought you were doing a sexy version of the Johnson& Johnson picture or is it something else?

PhiL the Zombie said...

lol, its actually the coppertone girl all grown up, im also working on one of the Wendy's girl and the Morton Salt girl. I think a few shadows on the girls anatomy will solve that problem ill play around with that, thanks for the advice, very helpful

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