Concept art


Update: I decided to really tackle the clothing instead of sort of fudging it. Tried to think of the forms more basically. Something about the head feels off.

Shit, just realized that I left the hands out.

Here's another concept art piece. Crits would be great



Tyrassic said...

nice character, great use of textures, would be cool to see her in some type of environment as well

Mike Puncekar said...

God some really, really nice texture stuff going on here man. Just a fun concept, really digging it. Definitely has a look to it that ties into your last concept as well. Any specific backstory on the concept? Or is it completely organic process?

If I had to pick it would be on the lack of fingers/ hands. Kind of creeping me out how they just kind of go to rounded points. I think you could push the textures just a bit more, so they are more apparent at a smaller size, or even printed out on a character sheet. That detail looks really good, but you lose all of it when it shrinks.

PhiL the Zombie said...

really cool actually, i would just say that the cast shadow of her right arm doesnt make sense, her arm would have to be alot further forward then it appears for the shadow to wrap around that much

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