Self p

Did some texture work. Improvement?

Started out as an oil painting, brought it into photoshop and added the eyes


Mike Puncekar said...

Really cool. Bit wierd, yes? But still cool. Kind of gives me the creeps. Really well done though.

Eric Alessandrini said...

Very sweet! The texture really makes it, especially the golden color to the right of the face.

Bernadette said...

Very nice, I love the painting on your nose and lips, so masterly . I' m curious as to why you chose to finish in photoshop, I imagine it would much creepier if the eyes were painted traditionally. Also I think your forehead needs to be brought down in value.

Mike Puncekar said...

I miss alot of the detail you lost, but I think the new on is an improvement. Bring back some of those brush strokes you lost around the edges of the face, and I think it'll be pretty snazzy. Maybe lessen the opacity of the overlay layer a bit. It's pretty over exposed right now. Whites have a really awkward glow.

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