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alright then, finally got pieces 4 and 5 in my drawing series scanned and ready for the internet so i wanted to get your opinions. Also a WIP im doing, its sort of a propaganda pin up, I think I would like it to have a little more meaning, not nazism but something else, maybe I should put the CCAD logo in the back instead, that would be pretty funny i think


Angie Andrews said...
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Angie Andrews said...

DUDE. I do not understand WHY everyone is drawing NAZIS. It is not ok. It is offensive. You are idealizing the most EVIL people of all time. It might be okay if you were trying to comment intelligently about the time, but you aren't. There is NOTHING satirical about this. I'm tired of this tasteless, tactless art. If you take offense to this, I understand. We are supposed to be discussing negatives and positives.

Angie Andrews said...


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