Zoo promotion

I finished up that zoo sketch for humorous, don't know actually if I ever posted it. Regardless, here it is. This piece is entirely different from anything I've done in four years, although I had quite a bit of fun crafting it. Perhaps I should pursue this style further?


Alex Lyon said...

Even though the Background isn't really resolved...haha the characters all have a great design. The concept I love, I never would have thought to flip the situation like that. I will also say that I question the angle of the lions face, the snout feels a bit awkward with the eye it is covering. With all the nit picky stuff being said though, I think its a great style. And I think it would be a shame to just decide not to do this type of illustration at all. Even if it is just for fun.

PhiL the Zombie said...

I enjoy the sytle a lot, reminds me a bit of peter desev's work. Also, all in all the piece is a nice piece is artwork not much to complain about, looks professional. My only problem is I guess i just dont get it. I dont really see the connection between the zoo and the wizard of Oz, I mean, youve got the lion dressed like dorthy, maybe you could of had dorthy dressed like a lion. And if your going for the "lions and tigers and bears oh my" thing, why not put that over their heads instead of "this isnt kansas"

D.R. Hovey said...

Thanks for the comments. The piece is supposed to be an ad for a bus, so it needs to be readable very quickly, ie: simple. So I thought it would be humorous to have the zoo animals riding around the city on the side of the bus, horrified by the people. Funny you mention the tag line, Phil, I originally put "Oh my!" on the far right side, but the consensus of the class was that a different line in reference to the movie would work better... maybe not though?

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