Well I decided to go ahead and take this to final for styles and concepts. I'd love to explain what the assignment was but I really don't know anymore.

With the extra time though I'd appreciate any pointers you guys have. I originally wanted to render this but instead chose to stay flat and graphic. I used some halftone in there too so let me know if that's working out alright or not. Thanks :)


Alex Lyon said...

I really like this piece. One of my favorites by you for sure. As far as critique goes...I would really like to see something other then black on that sweet wolf design in the back. That's kinda subjective I think, but just more vibrancy in the pallet I think could only make it better.

Alex Lyon said...

Ok quick thing I just noticed, that back shoulder and right boob are both doin something funky. The boob just needs to be more round to match the other. The shoulder I think may just be the fabric ridges being laid on there the way they are.

Anonymous said...

lol thanks alex, everyone says that boob is weird. It's supposed to be pressing against the arm, but apparently i failed at showing that haha. I guess i just...need more reference >.>

Barbara Benas said...

the right leg...gone?

also I think if you had time, rendering out atleast the cape and skirt would pop her out of the bg more

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