Dominance War character

My submission to DW and final project for Mahan's. This was crazy trying to get this to look presentable in time for the contest, thank god they had so many extensions to the deadline.

My character's name is Selena and she's a norm stalker. So she's suppose to be stealthy and fast, so I designed her armor to be minimal for her to be flexible and fast in battle. And in DW we are required to give our characters magical weapons. My characters weapons are two sabers that are powered from a magical gem attached to her back. Also for her to attack varying foes she can change blade types by inserting a different rune into the handles of her sabers. The spare runes are kept on to her hips for quick access.

(don't dock me too bad on the back pose in the modeling sheet, I know the anatomy is off. and that i changed the color scheme of the armor a little from the this sheet to the final illustration.)


D.R. Hovey said...

This is a cool concept/illustration. I only have a few gripes. I like the pose, but the blade in her left hand is at an impossible angle for the strike she just made. You might also consider some size differential perspective-wise to show more clearly that she doesn't have gimp arms. Also, those must be some huge-ass blades to hit that robot in the distance. Other than that, I like the tramp-stamp magic rune swords and the classic bleeding robots.

Mike Puncekar said...

Looking pretty snazzy. Awesome clean lines as per usual. Great gradient use. I'm pretty sure you should be hired for any toy packaging illustrations ever.

I agree with hovey about the arms, not so much here right arm, but the left. Still pulling off some insane motion. It's irritating that you can do that while retaining such strong lines and structure.

Is this all done and turned in for dominance war? I would love to see the turnaround cleaned up a bit. Looks kind of paint bucketed in.

PhiL the Zombie said...

This is pretty ill. Im diggin the energy blades alot and how they attatch to the back of the suit. Very nice touch. I know your going for stylization, but she comes off a little lanky in my opinion, I think its cuz the arms are so long and the legs are a bit short. I enjoy the final illustration the most, reminds me of samurai jack with the bleeding robots. I like how you put hacked up bots way in the background too, i think thats an awesome way to show her speed. Nice work man I would totally play this game.

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