I need a little advice

So I'm starting this new painting in my summer class with Kortlander, and I'm starting to wonder a few things about it and could use some creative input. It's supposed to be along the lines of "which face to put on" (kinda cliche, I know, but you'll get over it). At this point, I want to hear if you see it as that or not. Also, if anyone feels like the background (which is gonna be darker) needs anything or if the composition itself needs something else for interest. Kortlander mentioned something that he saw in it, which I can't get out of my head, and wanna hear if that's the first thing you see too. Thanks!

Oh.. and I'm supposed to be starting this tomorrow in class, so any advice would be awesome sooner rather than later.


Jerk-Face said...
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Jerk-Face said...

Second try lol:P

I like the head in the middle, it's more classical and epic lol. It reminds me of a Kehinde Wiley pose because he takes poses from classical paintings so you could try incorporating a weird pattern in the background like him or something in that direction. Hope that helps


PhiL the Zombie said...

I dont know if its too late, but I would say that watch out for the tangent of the left hand fingers with the swoop of the shoulder, its making it look like your anatomy is off by extending the shoulder a bit to much, also, it looks like you, but i bet you could make it look more like you. good luck!

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