Every thing


PhiL the Zombie said...

I enjoy this one a lot Don.

Jerk-Face said...

I remember when you were working on this awhile ago. It's super cool :D

Margaret Hardy said...

I remember you working on it as well, it's definitely one of my favorite drawings of yours

Anonymous said...

looks good don, but idk how i feel about that golden yellow/orange you have on the girl, there's so little of it and i fell like it doesn't accent the other colors as well as it could.

maybe a lighter green-blue or just a light green that isn't so chromatic, and if you put it in there maybe have it flow up into the other figure just to keep the eye moving around.

the line work is great and keeps me looking, maybe you could play with color line and leave out filling the areas at all (idk?)

another thing is that the blue on the top character just kinda of starts, maybe you could have it sort of gradient out into the pink below it.

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