Final for entrepreneurial illustration. I went with a Greek Deity theme. This is Artemis, the goddess of the moon, nature, and the hunt. She's always depicted with a stag in ancient Greek art. When she shoots animals with her golden arrows, they become the constellations. Pretty cool stuff I thought. I want to do a handful of the other Olympians in this style this summer.

Teach told me it was about 90 percent there- he said he dint like the face. I agree that there's something funny about it but I cant put my finger on it, maybe I've been looking at it too long. Some fresh eyes might help. Let me know what you guys think. Don't let me down!


Bernadette said...

Well designed vignette, even though the figure is impossibly posed. I think her eye needs to be more seductive maybe looking towards you and if her lips were red it would help to focus you on her face. I don't really like the purple color in the background I think it should be red or orange, but not too chromatic. Her skin tone seems a little too flat. I think you should try making it paler or redder in some places instead of keeping it one generic color. I like all the ornamentation you have on everything and her hair is very nice. I think over all you need to have more subtle variation in your colors.

Anonymous said...

the thing with her face is that it really isn't an expression. I had the same problem with the coca cola pinup.

Look at a lot of faces, especially of women you find attractive and study what it is about their faces that attracts you: overbite on the lips, bridge of the nose, rounder nose or pointier.

you have to watch out because you have the top of the bridge of her nose sticking out the same as that area between the eyebrows.

also a big thing, she has no eyelashes! women have all kinds of makeup to accentuate their eyes because it's more attractive, so for you to leave those out really goes against that! THICK LASHES DAWG, THICK LASHES!!

this comment is getting too long so I'll just say one more thing, her right boob (the on on the left for us) is the same perspective as the other one. we should be seeing more of it and its shape will be different. reference, reference! check this place out, it might help


ok i'm done :\

Jerk-Face said...

i agree with the previous statements and i'd say the perspective on the eye needs to be changed its looking right at us when it should be a side angle that's what bothers me the most. Also i have to stress the importance of anatomy, you don't want your characters to look broken (the right arm, and the legs). But other than that you have some really nice line quality going and some good detail which is a pain in the ass in vectors so good job so far:D

Mike Puncekar said...

great stuff man. Everytime i turn around you are getting better and better with these vectors. Hair is definitely my favorite part. Great sense of glowing.

Every crit i have is completely anatomy related. The dwarfness of the torso for instance. At first it all comes across fine, but the more you look at it the more disturbing it becomes. The planes of the bottom of her feet being the main culprit in hurting this one for me.

Beautifully designed vignette though. Great choice of elements.

PhiL the Zombie said...

Thanks for the comments yall =D sorry i havnt been around to read them, very helpful, this is what I need

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