Here is my second piece in a series I am working on that i will submit to a gallery.  I was wondering if the smoke looks right, i was thinking it should be darker or something but I cant tell.  


PhiL said...

I like this a lot, I wouldnt make the smoke darker, I think the contrast between it and the hair is quite nice

Mike Puncekar said...

Awesome! what gallery are you gonna try to get a show up in? Or is a done deal and you are making pieces now?

One thing this sucker has is motion. The flames and the contrast in the back, along with the hair, it's all very striking. I like it alot. Anatomically though I'm wondering why the torso stretched so much and not the rest of her, especially her neck.

Also, isn't this your embodiment of fear? This... is some serious business if fear is scared of it.

Bernadette said...

Hopefully I will get into rivet or chop chop. I don't know why i didnt make her neck long too. When I drew it I just felt like she was getting stretched out slowly form the bottom up. I think the theme of this series is madness and the personification of things that will drive you mad. I guess I would consider this piece to be suffering.

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