Martian July

Ok, Ive been kicking this around the studio for awhile now and I finally got it to a decent finish. The idea is that aliens have pin up calenders too. So i wanted to give it that vintage look while using only alien looking symbols for it. I think it would be cool to give it a distressed look like a worn out poster but Im not sure how I would do that in illustrator, if anyone knows how please tell me. Other than that I hope you all like this one.


Mike Puncekar said...

AutoTrace or whatever it's called some nice, really huge textures. You can overlay in illustrator can't you? If not... prep before hand for color change and drop the opacity for something. OTherwise.. you are up a creek with illustrator if it isn't somewhat clean. Which is why i hate it. And why i love photoshop. And not painter. Which is poop. Okay poop. But poop is poop.

Yeah? haha

PhiL said...

yes painter is poop, i tried doing this piece in painter actually, and of course it was awful. Hows the artwork, anything I should address?

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