I started doodling about five hours ago and figured that if I posted it I could break the cycle and go to bed.
I plan to fill up the space on the right with WW2 style fighters, using graphics in the same color as the pants.

Here is some progress, hopefully.
Thanks for the helpful comments.


I still need to shoot some ref for the pants and feet.
I'm not sure about what to do with the nearest cluster of flora.

I'm pretty sure that this is the final. Any thoughts?


Mike Puncekar said...

Man this one really gets your attention when you look at it. It looks like it's part of an animation, it has that great kind of quirkiness to it.

So far no real crits from me, other than his pant leg is looking a bit weird, kind of like he has a bumpy leg closer to the top of his leg and his torso. I'm really curious to see how the planes turn out.

So far you have that great atmosphere and vibrancy you always get, keep it going

Alex Lyon said...

I second it. I am loving the colors you have going on in this right now. The boy looks great. Right now I can't picture what your talking about haha so I will just have to wait to see what you mean. But as far as a crit goes...I think it's looking pretty good so far. composition is really well weighted. and even without anything else in the frame I still like it as is (finished ofcourse). Can't wait to see it finished.

Zirngibism said...

I'm digging this so far!
And like Mike and Alex said, I'm interested in seeing how you intend to handle the planes. I'm afraid they might somehow disrupt the composition. I like how there's not a whole lot of stuff going on in the right.

And this could be totally different from what you were going after-- when I first saw it, I first thought "autism". The fact that the boy is alone in this world, I guess.

Adding the planes would probably break that impression, I guess.

If I were handling them, I'd be making them small, and silhouettes. Maybe that's what you were intending all along, though.

(I guess we're just going go have to be patient! hehe)

Rico Jackson said...

Ok, those trees totally look like pickles =] Good thing you took them out in the 3rd version. GOOD JOB, gold star. I also enjoy the light far away in the distance of the new background in the 3rd version... not that much of this critique helps as the third version is not yet up

Alex Lyon said...

I am really liking the changes so far. Flipping him was a good move I think.

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