...POP! (Does this count as mechanical?) - NOW ENLARGEABLE!

Another thing that isn't really done, but is getting there. I'd say 85%. (The boy looks like he's made of wood, hehe. I intend to smooth him out more.)

I like the idea of combining whimsical with mechanical. But no, I didn't do this for the theme, I guess it just happened to work out that way, hehe. I'm glad I did this because the idea of cartoonizing stuff really kinda scared me, but doing this made me have more confidence about it. And no, I wasn't really going for "cute" though. I kind of like the way the boy's face is kind of "homely" in the conventional sense of the word.

The handles that the boy pulls direct the rudder fin in the back, while his pedalling translates to the motion of the propellers. Same for the mean neighbor girl in the pedal-powered glider. She just pulls down on her handles to change the angle of her glider.

The pedal powered glider was inspired by NASA's Gossamer Albatross and Condor. (The "spike" on the chasing glider is actually serves as a counter-balance on the original craft.) The balloon follows the concept of the White Dwarf pedal-powered Zeppelin. But they're only very loosly based on them-- I just wanted to have some foundation in reality.

This was rendered mostly in Painter. I didn't import any textures or patterns but instead made them using Painter's duel-loading brushes and the selection tool. I didn't use a single vector in the whole thing-- I guess I just like the subtle irregularities that the lasso tool makes.

The composition/values are bothering me, still. I'm open to suggestions on these things.

I had someone tell me that they thought the blimp's perspective was off because the propeller was off to the side. There are actually supposed to be 2 propellers on each side, and we're only seeing the one. So what did you guys think? An erroneous 1 or a sound 2?

Also, bear in mind that the background is not finished yet. I realize it's kind of confusing and choppy right now.


Mike Puncekar said...

Pretty cool looking. Luckily I saw it before where I could enlarge. Did you edit the post by chance because I can't see the full-size anymore?

Looking at it I did assume there was two propellers until you said that, and once I looked at it again, my eye does want to connect the dots between the rider's seat part and the prop, which does make the blimp look off perspective. But to be honest, there's lots of skewing and wraped shaping going on all over, and with this much it doesn't really bother me personally.

These textures you got going are pretty out there. I'm really on the fence about them on this one. I love that to be honest I haven't seen anything quite like this. It feels really fresh and vibrant. Although, with so much I begin to wonder why. On the blimp and flyers I love it, but on the roof of the house it feels forced by comparison when I'm sure a different type of pattern would have been better suited to represent shingles. It does all work together though because of that. Like I said, I'm really on the fence about it.

Really do like it though

Zirngibism said...

Great crit-- Thanks!

Yeah, I'm still dealing with the textures. I'm thinking about equalizing the stripes on the roof so that they look smaller and more uniform, like real shingles.

I'm kinda busy right now but within a few days I intend to work on it a bit more and post a more cohesive image.

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