48 Hours

I was given this assignment on Wed, so unfortunately I had to rush. This is what I turned in, though I'm not quite done with it.

P.S. I know the type treatment at the bottom is shitty. That's the first thing I'm gonna fix when I get a chance. Critiques would be much appreciated.


alex said...

I wouldn't worry too much about the lower text. The image is really strong and the top text is perfectly suited for the show. Nice composition and great shadows and highlights.

Bernadette said...

If you still can i would try to move the girls head on the top left in more and make her butt more voluptuous. Otherwise it is sweet.

Anonymous said...

lol Bernadette.

I agree with alex on this one, the image is strong enough to carry the type on the bottom.

D.R. Hovey said...

Why is Daughtry digging for gold in the left-side girl's nose? Also, why is she enjoying it so much?

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