Finally!!! Finished meh Ben piece, after a long period of not having any digital media I've finally been able to do at least one digital painting for the summer ever since my hard drive crashed, thus losing all of my photoshop brushes and latest werks. So! this piece was done in painter and it kinda took me a bit since i'm not very good with color and took me awhile to concoct a colorful formula that would work well. So far this summer I' ve had a new dew, so I've been meaning to express it via self portrait. So! i've used an internet image of the devils tower and just colored it up and from there and unfortunately i drawn myself with no reference which is not exactly the best approach of things, but!!! I would like some comments or either "you did ok!" or " great job on mucking a color scheme up"

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Zirngibism said...

Oh, man, crashed already? Wasn't that a relatively new computer? Did you have a warranty on it?

As for the subject matter, did you use any photo ref of yourself? While you captured your demented nature quite accurately, I probably would've had a little trouble guessing it was you.

Anyway, it looks like you've tightened up your technique a bit-- I like the way you handled the strokes in the clouds, though you could probably push your brushwork to be even sharper, especially in the figure.

As for color schemes, it looks sorta like a vintage-pulp-poster-type deal. Dunno if you were going for that or not!

Try finding a piece of art you like the color scheme of and just working off of that, even if the subject has nothing to do with yours.

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